Enterprise Servers and Storage Solutions

Enterprise Servers and Storage Solutions

UHAC offers a full range of Enterprise Server & Virtualized Storage (ESVS) solutions for your organization, from industry-leading companies including Dell, HP, Lenovo and IBM.
The suite of products include x86 & RISC-based Server / Nearline & Online Storage / High Availability of Application / Server Consolidation / Virtualization & Backup Solution.

Industry Standard Server

ISS technology communications either explain strategy, development, and implementation of key technologies in industry-standard systems or the way to integrate operating systems and applications software with ISS systems to achieve maximum benefit.

  •  The ideal industry-standard server solution for remote and branch offices to data centers
  •  Provides maximum internal storage and I/O flexibility
  •  Available in tower and rack deployment options
  •  Designed for extreme scale-out, high performance computing and power- and space-constrained data centers
  •  Flexible, modular server configs with shared power and cooling, enabling increased server density, enhancing performance per watt/sq. foot

Blade Server

Blade Systems enclosures have inherent benefits. We have combined the best technologies to make Blade Systems not only easy to use, but also useful. The same powerful innovations are available to you regardless of the choice of blade enclosure.


  •  Thermal Logic technologies: Smart technology saves you energy every second and lightens the load on your air conditioners, saving 30 per cent in power.
  •  Virtual Connect architecture: Wire once, and then add, replace or recover blades on the fly, without impacting networks and storage or creating extra steps.
  •  Insight Control management: Simple, single package provides all the tools to streamline operations and increase administrator productivity up to tenfold.

RISC-based Server


For Mission Critical Applications, UNIX is a business tool, for manufacturing equipment or utilities management. UHAC enables customers to do more with less – working to narrow the gap between business demands and IT’s ability to deliver.

UHAC’s leading SAP Infrastructure Solution understand the business needs & provides unbiased solution to customers. We provide both the consulting & the infrastructure to run such mission critical applications.

We have expertise on designing DR Solution to meet the increasing demands on SAP.

High Availability Clustering

To achieve near-zero downtime, mission-critical systems cannot afford to have even a single point of failure in servers, storage or interconnects. High-availability (HA) is now a necessity in all modern IT systems. HA is most effectively achieved in server and storage systems through server clustering, which allows systems to survive hardware or software failures without users experiencing downtime.

UHAC specializes in designing, deploying and supporting clustered HA systems for a variety of applications and environments. Some of the supported clustering environments are listed below:


  •  Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) for Exchange, SQL Server and Windows Server clusters
  •  Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) for Unix, Linux and Windows applications
  •  Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC) for HA Oracle database applications

UHAC can assess your HA needs and then design, integrate, test and support a single or multi-vendor clustering solution.

Our factory-trained and certified engineers are current with the latest clustering technologies and products, and use field-proven “Best Practices” to design and deploy “best-of-breed” solutions to fit your exact requirements and budget.

Our Enterprise Software team includes Oracle and MS SQL-certified DBAs so that we can provide you with full, top-to-bottom assistance with your clustering project.


Storage Solution

UHAC can offer a single integrated platform to address the full range of storage requirements including dynamic tiered storage, virtualization, common management, data protection, and archiving.

Demand for more storage continues to grow along with the need for increasingly resilient storage infrastructures to support doing business on-demand. We understand the need for performance and high availability which extends to the entire environment; of Storage. We have taken unique approach towards achieving this by addressing all factors that affect your environment.

Storage solutions that we offer are:

  •  Tape, Disk-based Backup
  •  NAS Solutions
  •  SAN Solutions

Backup Architecture and Implementation

Data is probably among your company’s most valuable assets – so protecting and archiving that data is one of IT’s most important tasks, and often, one of the biggest challenges.

UHAC specializes in assessing, designing and deploying enterprise-class backup and recovery systems for a wide variety of applications and environments, while keeping in mind your recovery-time and recovery-point objectives. We also assess and upgrade existing backup systems.


Backup and recovery solutions:

  •  “Server-less” SAN-based backup
  •  Tape, Disk, Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) backup architectures
  •  Tape Library, Nearline Disk, and Offsite Tape Vaulting solutions

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